Puppy Socials

Puppy Socials

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Want to help your puppy become socialized, but are uncomfortable with going to the dog park? This is a common concern because dog parks can have unvaccinated dogs, people may not be paying attention, there are different sizes of dogs and levels of aggression, and the dog park may not be as clean as you would prefer.

Instead, come to one of our puppy socials, where your dog can play with other puppies off-leash, in a very safe and fun environment. The socials are overseen by our trainer, David Roos, and you would be keeping a watchful eye from the sideline. You would also be participating in fun games and exercises, and the trainer answers questions for you. We have seating available. We divide the puppies into groups based on their temperaments. The room is very clean, and vaccinations are required for all participants.

It's also fun to interact with other puppy owners and make some new friends in the neighborhood!

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Upcoming Schedule:

Option 1
Date Wed, Jan 9
Start Time 7:15 pm
End Time 8:15 pm

Option 2
Date Wed, Jan 23
Start Time 7:15 pm
End Time 8:15 pm

Keep in mind that this is not an ongoing class. You can come to just one social, or you can come to as many as you want. There is no commitment.

Cost: Your first social is free. After that, it is $25 per social per dog. If you only want to come to one social, there is no cost to you whatsoever, and no strings are attached.

Reservations required: Reservations are required so we ensure that we have plenty of space. You can call us at 312-829-8787 to make a reservation, or send us an online reservation request.

Vaccinations: We require proof that your puppy has received vaccinations as follows:
  • At least the first two rounds of Bordatella, Distemper, and Parvo
  • At least the first round of Canine Influenza (H3N2)
  • Rabies is not required
You or your vet can fax or e-mail us the document. We would need this before you arrive for the social. If you need any vaccination in a hurry and can't get into your vet, there is a nearby walk-in clinic that we recommended called Old Town Animal Care Center. You do not need an appointment, and can get in inexpensively for just the vaccination(s) that you need.

Age Limit: This is for puppies who are five months and younger.

Please arrive early: Our dogs automatically lock at 7:15pm, so you must arrive before then in order to get into our building.

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