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Overview of Our Dog Training Services

Wouldn't it be great if your dog listened to you the first time, instead of repeating yourself time after time? Tired of your dog pulling you down the sidewalk? Jumping on you, your family, or your friends? Are you embarrassed when your dog is around others?

Are you worried that your dog is the wrong breed (or size) to be trained? That training requires a shock collar? That your dog will forget everything? That the trainer will judge you?

Stop putting it off - we can help! Our training program consists of private lessons, group classes, and seminars in order to help your dog reach its potential. Read below to learn more.

Mark discusses our overall training program

More details about our group classes

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Can My Dog Do That?

Sure, your dog can sit when you have treats and there are no distractions. Our training program is geared towards have your dog listen the first time across many types of behaviors, even in a high-distraction environment.

We can help you resolve the following:
  • Leash reactivity
  • Listening to what you say the first time without repeating yourself
  • Walking politely at your side without pulling
  • Keeping four on the floor and not on your guests, the counter, or your furniture
  • Coming directly to you when called, even when highly distracted
  • Playing fun games and exercises with you
  • Leaving something alone or walk away from something
  • Greeting new people or other dogs nicely
  • Playing nicely at the park
  • Leaving your garbage can and counters alone
  • Peeing outside only, and let you know when it's time to go
  • And many more.

Raising the Standard

  • Positive reinforcement methods only - no dominance methods
  • Private lessons at your home, the dog park, or our facility
  • Pre-paid private lesson packages at a discount
  • Group classes with small class sizes
  • Train-the-trainer approach
  • Trainers who are professional and highly experienced

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Our training experience with Mark has been absolutely outstanding! We have gained so much knowledge about dog behavior and appropriate cueing for our 2 1/2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. With Mark's consistent guidance, we have become more confident in our walks and in-home training. Whatever your dog training needs are, Mark is your guy!!!!!

Thank you Mark,

- Luther and Cynthia Gaston

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