Turnkey Dog Training Private Lessons

Turnkey Dog Training Private Lessons

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Does your dog need training but you don't have the time? Our turnkey dog training private lessons can be a big help.

David Discusses Premium Private Lessons

With our premium in-home training packages, we come to your home several times per week while you are away, and work one-on-one with your dog on behaviors that you want to focus on. We then get together with you (for example, over the weekend) to discuss your dog's progress and teach you how to implement our methods.

This does not mean that we're simply going to train your dog and you don't have to do anything. However, a lot of dogs just need lots of repetition to learn our expectations as humans. Our job is to put in these repetitions with your dog and give you a strong foundation for moving forward. You will still need to put in work, and be consistent with our methods, in order to be successful.

Premium in-home training packages require a minimum of three sessions per week at your home. From our experience, this level of repetition will deliver the most effective results.


The price for this option is $1,200 for twelve hours of private instruction at your home.

This price includes:
  • Three sessions per week with your dog. You do not need to be present. Our trainer will keep your key and set up a schedule with you.
  • One hour-long session with you each week to discuss what your dog is learning and what you need to do going forward

You can take one private lesson at the normal $125, and if you want to continue with the package, we can roll the price of the first lesson into the package.

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