Dog Grooming Prices


We strive to be the best dog business in Chicago, and we believe that you get what you pay for. If you come take a tour, we believe you'll immediately see and feel the difference.

If you're trying to compare our prices with another business, you always need to analyze differences on an apples-to-apples basis. For example, we have a large outdoor space with grass, playground equipment, pools, sun, and shade. Most other daycares in Chicago do not have an outdoor space at all, or may have a small area with gravel or concrete. They may only have your dog in play for a short time each day, whereas here they are in play throughout the day for many hours, plus the opportunity for nap time. There are countless examples.

We advise that you do your research, take a tour of any business you are considering, and ask lots of questions.

The chart below summarizes some of the major differentiators that set us apart and make our pricing worth every penny:

Differentiator Tucker Pup's Others
We give you a grooming time, and groom your dog through to completion. Most dogs are here for no more than two hours ?
Professional groomers who are talented, friendly, honest, and follow your instructions ?
Speak with a groomer before and after your reservation ?
Grooming available 7 days per week, many nights until 6:30pm ?
Highly sophisticated system for tracking your notes, preferences, and photos ?
Vigilantly require ongoing proof of updated vaccinations, including for Canine Influenza ?
Pricing consistency from one groom to the next, assuming everything was similar. ?
High quality shampoo. We only use the good stuff. ?
Quietest dryers available ?
Most effective bathing system on the market for getting your dog as clean as possible ?
E-mail confirmations and reminders ?


Our prices are competitive with other groomers throughout Chicago.

We can provide an estimate over the phone based on prices we have charged for the same or similar breed as yours. Each time you come here for grooming, we do try to be consistent with the price we charge.

Please note that, as is the norm in the industry, pricing for our various grooming services depend on the breed and size of dog, plus other factors such as coat condition and the degree of special handling needed.

Some dogs are matted when they arrive. We can attempt to demat your dog, but please note that we cannot put a dog in undue pain that causes it to yelp. If this were to be the case, we may need to shave your dog (only with your prior authorization). If we do demat or shave your dog, there will likely be an extra charge. Matting can be avoided through brushing your dog at home consistently, especially after getting wet or wearing a harness. We are happy to show you the proper brushing technique, and we sell recommended brushes.

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