Boarding Testimonials

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Everything seemed to go well from the reports I got about Mickey. He came home very tired after so much fun!

- Arlene Rado

Cody seems like he had a great time....again. Tired but that's a good thing since he has so much energy most of the time.

Thanks for taking great care of him!

- Jackie Biro

As far as I can tell, Milo had a great stay at Tucker Pup's. He is just catching up on his rest as he is wiped out from playing for 3 straight days! He loves everyone and every dog so I am sure playing for days in a row was a dream come true for him. From what I could tell the staff was very friendly and Milo seemed well taken care of which is important to me since this was the first time we have boarded him.

- Jennifer Merkman

Great overall experience. Max gets excited when we walk through the front door. This does not happen at other kennels so I am sure he has fun when he stays at Tucker Pup's.

- Gerry Notara

We have been so happy with Tucker Pups for both boarding and grooming. Their reservation system is high tech and quick. The staff is on the ball and makes it a point to know our dog.

We have a little dog who is quite timid. Joel and the team accommodates his special needs.

Other locations have returned Rockie completely filthy - what does that say about the upkeep of their facilities!?! Even without an exit back, our little guy is returned to us fairly clean, tuckered out and happy!

Overall - we love Tucker Pups and recommend their services to all!

- Ann Hufford

It was easy to tell how much everyone there enjoys their job. Buddy was more than happy to go in. Didn't even turn around to say goodby! Ha! Very reassuring.

- Marwin Goble

I could not be happier about Hank's boarding experience at Tucker Pup's last week Thursday through Saturday. I knew Hank would LOVE being back at Tucker Pup's for daycare (he whines and gets that dreamy look whenever we drive-by T.P.) but I was concerned about the two overnights as boarding is both a rare occurrence and a historically difficult one for him.

I spoke to Anna (LOVE Anna) and Vaughn during Hank's stay and their daily reports were informative, insightful and very reassuring.

Since being home Hank has been wonderfully relaxed and calm. I am certain Hank loved being back with his Tucker Pup's human and canine homeys and I am very happy. I will bring Hank back to T.P. for future boarding stays and will STRONGLY recommend friends and co-workers go to Tucker Pup's for friendly and reliable daycare/boarding. Thanks again Joel!

P.S. - Hank looks and smells great! Thanks so much for washing his bedding! U guys rock...

Be well,

Helen Ferng, M.D.

Thank you for taking such good care of Millie and Lenny during their stay at Tucker's Pups. They always enjoy their doggie day care and I feel so comfortable leaving them with you when we are traveling. They get so excited when I pull up with the car. Everyone is so friendly and I can tell that the doggies love being with you.

- Mary Blackburn

Kelsie always seems happy and exhausted when she comes from Tucker Pup's!!

- Pauline Gordon

The staff is always beyond friendly and Pippa is visibly excited to be dropped off at Tucker Pup's every time.

- Tori Hottinger

Always great -- well-organized, good pet feedback and my dog loves it there which reflects good care she gets.

- Linda Rosenberg

My pug Linus had a great time boarding at Tucker Pup's. I like how his boarding stay was combined with all day play. Other places leave him in a cage all day, and while he not the most active pug in the world, I feel much better knowing he is able to play and interact with other dogs and people.

- Joi Podgorny

You guys were incredibly flexible and kind about the last minute boarding request due to the birth of our son. Thanks for everything and being so accommodating in this very important time for our family.

- Greg Myers

I think Lenny had a super time at Tucker Pup's. He loves to be with other dogs and since Millie is gone he needs more doggie friends. Please thank the staff for their care and Happy New Year to.

- Mary Blackburn

If Bruno could assign a rating to Tucker Pup's he would definitely give it the highest possible rating. I know that because after being there for 4 days/3 nights, when I picked him up, he kept trying to go back into the building instead of into my car. Like anyone with a dog, I worry about how the dog will be away from home/routine, and if Bruno's reaction is any indication, I have nothing to worry about.

- Julie Garrison

This was the second time I had dropped MC Guinness at Tucker Pup's. The experience was awesome. I would recommend Tucker Pup's to anyone looking to board their dog.

- Mahesh Uttamchandani

I have no idea what happened while I was gone, but I know Levi always enjoys himself so I'm grateful for the staff.

- Erin Noel

Halley threw up a bit and they let me know all details which I greatly appreciate. It is never anything I am alarmed about, but makes me feel good that I am told in event she becomes ill. I feel she is given the best care and the staff is always very customer-service oriented and kind. Thank you.

- Linda Rosenberg

This was Pancake's first experience at overnight boarding in a kennel environment, and by all indications she was comfortable and well cared for...I think the combination of play time during the day makes all the difference. There were no signs of stress or anxiety after she came home!

- Laura Puzio

Tucker Pup's did a great job making our first boarding experience with our new pup Griff great and easy!

- Tara Bolding

Thanks so much to everyone for taking such great care of our German Shepherd, Tully, while we were away. We have no complaints! Tully was very satisfied and tired when she got home, and has no diarrhea or any signs of even minor stress. She looks great too! We really appreciated being able to leave her own bed for her, that's a very special treat that is unique to Tucker Pup's!

When we dropped Tully off we were really pleased that everyone knew who she was already, and that small touch gave us great confidence in leaving her at Tucker Pup's. We called to check on Tully about halfway through her stay and it was nice to hear such a detailed update. It's fantastic that the same people who are in with the playgroups and taking care of boarding dogs are also at the front desk, so everyone is in the loop.

We really appreciate the honest, no-nonsense style of Tucker Pup's. You all obviously love dogs and are very skilled and practical with them. Tully is no golden retriever, so it was nice to know that everyone loved her even though she took a while to warm up to the staff, and we really appreciate your patience and kindness to her. We had a terrible experience leaving her at another boarding kennel for three days, and by the end she was clearly terrified of the staff and looking very stressed and worried. When we picked her up at Tucker Pup's we saw her with her paws up on the door looking through the window, her usual bright and alert self. It was fabulous to see her acting normal and happy. Unfortunately her normal happy self also pees on the floor when she's really excited, so sorry about that! I hope whoever cleaned it up got to have a good portion of the Tim Tam biscuits we brought for you.

Thanks again Tucker Pup's, we will always use you when we need any dog-related services in future, and have already given rave reviews to all our friends. You're all wonderful!

- Jalyn Neysmith and Andrew Hodge, and Tully.

Thanks for watching and taking care of Sophie. We know she's a little timid but feels comfortable at Tucker Pup's.

- Rich Cast

This is the 4th time I have boarded my dog here and every experience has been excellent. I was gone longer this time and really enjoyed the pictures that were sent to me of my dog having fun at daycare. Although there are boarding options closer to where I live, I will continue to use Tucker Pup's because I know they do a great job!

- Kari Kraemer

My pup, Cohen, a Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mix (so best as we can tell), had his first trip to Tucker Pup's last Friday, February 4th. I brought him in initially for a nail trimming and daycare but called that day to extend it to an overnight stay. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities were clean and well-kept. The playroom was large and full of excited dogs! Cohen has some separation anxiety so I am always nervous to take him somewhere new. That said, I handed him off to your capable staff and watched him apprehensively walk toward the playroom. As soon as the door opened, he lit up with excitement and forgot all about his old mom! When I picked him up the next morning he was tired. This was a treat for both of us that I will repeat!


- Emily Hudson

As usual, you met our expectations for boarding Muchacho.
This is my second time boarding Muchacho and again, I am so happy for the great care he received. Thank you and everyone at Tucker Pup's!!

Your staff is truly great!! Every time I called to check on him your staff was always kind to give me his daily updates.
If I called and got the voicemail, I was called back by your team right away.

I was updated that they are all trying to work with him on the sprinkler issue!! (Hopefully this issue has improved during his stay.)

It is so great to not have to worry about Muchacho when we are out of town. I know he is in good hands, safe, and having a great time.

I really appreciate all of the Tucker Pup's staff's attention and concern for him. He really enjoys going there and really likes everyone who works there.

Thank you and your team for all of their excellent care for Muchacho.

Many thanks to everyone at Tucker Pup's,

- Lisa & Jonathan Rice

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