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Online Checkin Tool

Our Online Checkin tool enables you to submit all of your checkin information to us before arriving for your boarding reservation.

The benefits of this tool:

  • Save time at checkin, as you may be trying to catch a flight, or there may be a line of people ahead of you
  • Ensure complete accuracy in the information you give us (feeding, medicine, special instructions, etc.)
  • Prepare for your stay more effectively, ensuring your dog has the best and safest experience possible
  • Enables the owner of the dog to fill out the information even though a friend may be dropping off

Existing Reservations Only

This tool is only for customers checking in an existing boarding reservation. If you are trying to make a new reservation, click here.

This tool is available starting at 8pm on the night before your checkin date only

This ensures that information you provide is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

You must click the link in your e-mail confirmation

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when you make your reservation, plus a reminder e-mail at 8pm on the night before your checkin date saying that your reservation is now ready for Online Checkin.

You must click the Online Checkin link in one of those e-mails in order to proceed.

You can edit your information until the time you actually check in

Once you submit your information, you can come back and edit it if necessary, until the time you actually check in. Just click the Online Checkin link again in your e-mail confirmation.

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